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In order to maintain all the freshness of our Sake, all our products are sent directly from our brewery. Moreover, the Sake made in winter is bottled right after receiving the order sent from our clients. Please take this unique opportunity to order and enjoy our very fresh Sake.
If you order by fax, please refer to "Order by FAX".

【The process from ordering to the delivery of the product】
Please fill-in the Order form below or send your order by FAX.
After receiving your order, we will contact you to confirm all the contents of your order.
After the confirmation of the payment, we will send you the ordered products.
*The shipping costs are of ¥600. In case of Hokkaido, remote islands, or large packages, this cost may change. For more information, please contact us.
*In case you would like our products to be shipped to more than one destination, please write the other addresses in the 【Comments】 space and we will contact you soon to confirm your order.
Order by FAX

(When the order is made by FAX, we will contact you for confirmation)
If you order by FAX, please download the order sheet below, print it and Fax it to us.
*If you have difficulties downloading the sheet, please right click the order sheet and click "Save link as…"
Download the FAX order Sheet

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▼Shipping destination (If different)
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●Expected delivery time Morning time 12:00 - 14:00 14:00 - 16:00
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