Providing ''Ninja'' from Seko Brewery to ''Bijin Sushi No Yoru'' (good looking girl sushi night) Friday, 26th of March 2010

The famous writer of ''Onna Hitori Zushi'', Ms. Reiko Yuyama, organized the event ''Bijin Sushi No Yoru'' (good looking girl sushi night) in Tokyo Marunouchi Café club 21 Gōkan. For this event, Seko Brewery provided its special Junmai premium Sake Ninja.
Usually the best way to enjoy Ninja is to drink it cold. However, for this occasion and in order to have a different way to enjoy it, we proposed especially for the event, a cocktail called ''Ninja''.
Ninja Sake was poured on the top of crushed ice, with a pressed lime added to it to obtain a delicious and fresh cocktail. It is the perfect match to appease your thirst.
Very easy to make, please try it.
The delicious sushi made of seasonal ingredients went very well with the Sake and made the people present that night enjoy a memorable party.

Ms Yuyama making sushi, wearing a traditional Kimono and hairstyle,
Lime fragrances of cocktail ''Ninja''.

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